Is it difficult for you to choose the right type of women's lingerie and underwear?

A correct lingerie set can help you put together and boost up your confidence and make you feel beautiful! There is the first rule of looking good is feeling good. Wearing the set of lingerie that you love can give you an extra boost of confidence and happiness, whether it's your office meeting, a date night or any other social event or any other day you want to make it special. Explore the variety of lingerie which will make you feel beautiful about your body and yourself.

 Lingerie Sets:  

The first thing that you put on in the morning is your lingerie. Having a gorgeous lingerie set in your closet is always helpful to pull out on a special occasion, a good lingerie set can be everyday wear too! If you are a first-timer for purchasing lingerie than investing in a good matching set will be a good start to build up your closet. Also, you can mix and match your bra and underwear whenever you feel like, you will always have an option. So, invest in a good lingerie set that fits your body and enhances your body shape.

 Babydolls & Chemises:

Babydolls and chemises are both similar to short nightgowns, the only difference between the two is, the babydolls have looser fit and chemises are fitted to the body. Both provide support to the hips and draw attention towards the waist. You can also customize these costumes by wearing different bra and underwear under the babydolls pieces.


A bodysuit is the bra and panties set which is covered from shoulders to your hips. There are a variety of bodysuits which you can wear under any outfit or skirts or pants where you don't have to tuck it in. It provides smoothening to your body and provides good breast support. You can find bodysuits in different materials like high neck bodysuit lace to sheer according to your comfortability.


Type of underwear

 Everybody's butt has different shapes and sizes as breasts do. As we choose the right type of bra set according to our breast, our butts need the right underpants too. There are a lot of things come into discovering our bras to wear but in the case of underwear, there is nothing much complicated. It's only your style preference and your comfortability.

 Well, there are various types of underwear available in the market. Innovation in types of underwear according to different dress type have come a long way. The most important thing while selecting the right panties is how much cheek coverage you want.

Different types of underwear provide different levels of "cheeky-ness".

1) Thong:

They provide bare cheeks and are made for super minimal coverage. You can wear this with bodycon skirts and dresses or leggings.

2) Hipster:

They provide 3/4 of cheeky-ness level and you can wear it with low-rise jeans and pants.

 3) Bikini:

Bikini gives a hint of cheek. It is similar to a brief but without as much coverage. You can wear them with mini skirts or a pair of jeans.

 Every woman should have all types of bra and panties for any type of outfit we decide to rock!